Global Canadian Consulting Ltd. has joined forces with Nor-Chief Consulting Services to provide all our clients Drilling, Complition, Construction & Safety services. We Welcome Darren Palm, President of NCCS, as the main contact in this joint venture. Global Canadian Consulting & Nor-Chief will recruit and manage personel as needed to support this division.
Please give us a call or follow the link for more information.
Nor-Chief Consulting has been managing and recruiting wellsite supervisors in Western Canada's Oil & Gas sector for over 30 years.
We are equipped with a team of experts to recruit the best suited supervisor or team for specific project requested by our clients. With the aid of the Nor-Chief Job Posting Program, contacting our recruitment office or a brief meeting with a Nor-Chief representative, we evaluate your request and present you with a list of consultants carefully selected to meet your demands.
We are also agreeable to manage independent consultants that are looking to join a firm to invoice thru in order to receive faster payment for a very reasonable fee. They will also beneficial of the same services that are allocated to Nor-Chief's recruited consultants.
We possess specially designed programs to monitor industry tickets (Compliance Registry Application), commercial and vehicle insurance, workers compensation board coverage, master service agreement, payroll, and other documents for expiry daily or at our client request. There is no cost for this program as all of our active consultants in the database are monitored.
We consider our consultants to be the backbone of our success. We treat them with honesty and respect. We believe that our consultants are not a mere number but a part of our ever growing family.
Areas of expertise:
  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Workovers
  • Geology
  • Abandonments
  • Road and Lease Construction
  • Pipeline and Facility inspector
  • Safety Supervisors/coaches
  • Camp coordinators
  • Rig coordinators
  • Field Administration Support
  • Office Superintendent Consultants
  • Reclamation